Helen Grimm



I am an artist who lives and works on outer cape cod painting landscapes, seascapes and shellscapes of all sizes. With degrees in painting and art history from Cornell University I lived in California on and off for almost a decade and began my career as an herbalist and as a nurse. I returned to painting and my Cape roots in 2002  and am currently represented by the wonderful Four Eleven Gallery in Provincetown, MA

My Process


My work embraces the push and pull between representation and abstraction and blends careful observation with emotional expression. I paint with oils on canvas, linen or panel. I move the paint around in a process of layering and building color and texture and then cutting away shape and form, in order to bridge a connection between my interior and exterior worlds.

My Inspiration


Nature's shifting and shimmering transition zones, where land meets water and magic twists perception - those are the places from which I draw my inspiration. In particular, shells delight me with their jewel-like insides contradicting humble exteriors.


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